How To Detect Ford Windstar Transmission Problem & Issues?

Ford Windstar was a mini wagon, a van for multi-passenger which started being manufactured n 1994. Even though it was quite a popular design for a vehicle amongst the customers due to its convenience, the Windstar’s production ceased in 2007.

During the Ford Windstar era, it consistently underwent variations in its designs. The company offered its customers the most innovative and upgraded technology in every Windstar model they introduced. 

During the Windstar era, because Ford only utilized two transmission models in all their cars, the products were prone to be victims of transmission problems. The case was similar for Ford Windstar too, and we will discuss Ford Windstar transmission problems in detail in the following article. 

Reason Behind Ford Windstar Transmission Problem 

Undoubtedly, the Ford Windstar transmission problem is unreliable as it can occur anytime and without prior notice. The primary reason behind the occurrence of the transmission problem in Windstar has been a flaw in its design. 

Working engineers at Ford had decided to pursue a double-clutch transmission design. Even though, in theory, the plan seemed practical, manufacturing and selling the structure caused problems for the customers. 

Be it your Windstar or any other Ford-produced car: the transmission problem is inevitable and cannot be avoided at any cost since it is an inherent flaw in the design. Ford is mindful of their customers’ faces and, to help them out,t has released various TBs to combat the transmission problem. 

What is the Ford Windstar Transmission problem? 

The Ford Windstar transmission problem occurs evidently due to the erroneous design of the car. In this design, Ford introduced their dual-clutch technology to enhance fuel consumed, for the vehicle to perform better, and for fewer parts to indulge in the movement, ensuring a smooth design.

However, the outcome was disastrous as a result of the dual-clutch technology, problems in shifting geares riffed. It caused the driver to experience rough stalls and shifts, getting tremendously unbearable headaches. 

Detect Windstar transmission problems with these symptoms 

If even on this day, you drive a Windstar and do not want your car to be a possession of the junkyard anytime soon, then you must look out for any occurring transmission problems in your Windstar. To assist you in this process, we have compiled and listed some common symptoms you might encounter in your Ford Windstar. 

Malfunctioning torque converter  

The torque converter of any car acts like a bridge between the primary power source and the load the car drives. Upon functioning accurately, this torque converter allows the fluid to be transported and revolve around the car’s rotating power for the driver to have a seamless driving experience. 

But, the case in the Ford Windstar is different because the fluid in the car can at times extricate from the torque converter, resulting in the vehicle’s slower speed and even poorer navigation. 

Outflowing fluid 

It is common to encounter a fluid leakage in your Ford Windstar, which in fact, signifies a problem in the transmission. The fluid traveling to the torque converter bursts from the significant control area and is released into other accompanying compartments. 

Therefore, the internal components of the car that need frequent lubrication to run without hindrances are at a disadvantage. You can easily spot this because you will notice massive deterioration in your car’s drive quality. It will now be much rougher and cause immense difficulty in shifting gears or coming to an instant halt through the brake. 

Out of order shaft for park 

The shaft for the park is responsible for keeping the gears intact, ensuring that the car stops immediately and remains steady when you park. If your Ford Windstar is enduring a transmission problem, you will have a significant problem parking. 

Not only will your Windstar fail to stop instantly, but when you park it at a specified stop, the car will also remain unsteady. This is because the shaft for the park has been damaged due to consistent problems with the transmission. The roll pins previously responsible for keeping your Windstar static have failed, and the complete parking arrangement is compromised. 

Supposedly, if, after struggling, you have successfully parked your Windstar, then even the slightest lean or push will suddenly make it move.  

Consequences of driving a transmission problem Windstar

Driving a Windstar that has transmission problems is very risky. It poses an evident threat to the car’s ability to be driven and the driver’s safety. Also, other car drivers and pedestrians are at risk because what if the Windstar collides with them when out of control?

If something goes wrong with the transmission while you are driving, you will be unable to: accelerate the car, restart, slow it down, and park. Therefore, the aforementioned makes accidents a much more likely scenario because you are not in the slightest control of your Windstar.

Cost for fixing Windstar transmission problem

Getting your ford Windstar’s transmission problem means getting the entire installed engine with a brand new one. We all know that once your car ends up with a mechanic, the costs run up like water running out of a tap. 

Even though there is no definitive amount that we can propose for you to get your Windstar transmission problems fixed, bear in mind that it would, at the least, cost you $2000. However, we would still advise you to consult a professional or a mechanic to inspect your Windstar’s transmission problem and then accordingly specify the costs incurred. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ford Windstar be driven with a transmission problem? 

Yes, a ford Windstar can be driven with a transmission problem, but it is not safe to use because of the issues that you might experience while driving. 

How often should I get the transmission problem replaced?

Replacing your transmission problem mainly depends on how well you maintain your car. However, there is no specified time span, but the transmission lasts up to 80,000 miles. 


In our article on the Ford Windstar transmission problem, we have tried our best to provide you with the most relevant information we could have come across. Alongside we have also provided you with certain particulars to identify whether there is an occurring transmission problem or not. Now it is on you to evaluate if your Ford Windstar is worth still keeping or not.

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