Is Driving with broken wheel stud safe? 4-Steps To Replace It

A wheel stud is a threaded device used to secure the wheels of several land vehicles. When this problem occurs unexpectedly on the road, you may wonder, “is driving with broken wheel stud safe?” It may not be entirely dangerous, but, like any other motorized vehicle issue, things will get worse quickly if this is not addressed correctly.

We will also tell you what else you can do without the assistance of engineering service to start replacing the broken part. Allow our article to assist you in answering the question and guiding you along the upgrade process.

Is driving with broken wheel stud safe?

The question “Is driving with a broken wheel stud safe?” may be perplexing. However, it would be best to never drive with broken wheel studs since a broken wheel stud adds extra pressure to the rim and impacts other vehicle components. Going with a broken fastener is dangerous owing to the additional stress on the wheel.

Because of the additional pressure, the bearing studs will wear rapidly, and the remaining lug nuts will fall off. As a result, the wheel may wiggle and drop off, potentially causing an accident. It is acceptable to drive just a little bit if you have a lacking lug nut while the other stays are still fine. Make your way to the repair person as quickly as possible.

Broken Wheel Stud

Reasons your wheel stud might break:

Is Driving with a broken wheel stud safe? No. But then what causes the breakage of the wheel stud? There can be a lot of reasons as to why the wheel studs may have broken or gotten damaged, and some of them are as below:


An important reason is cross-threading. This problem usually occurs when the professional is in a rush and wrenches a lug to a stud at an incorrect angle. He could also use an overkill for the job to install threaded fasteners. Ensure the lug bolts are at the proper angles to avoid cross-threading before leaving the auto repair shop.

Incorrect Installation:

The initial and most usual reason is the incorrect way of fitting. This is because the mechanic may not have tightened the nuts sufficiently, causing the nuts to fall off while driving. As a result, it is preferable to take the vehicle to a high-quality mechanical engineer for better maintenance or stud replacement.

Wheel Studs Rusting:

If your vehicle comes into contact with seawater or sodium chloride, rust on the devices may be a significant cause. This issue occurs even if the threaded fittings are made of rust-resistant components. By the time the studs oxidize, it is increasingly hard to remove the bolts or screw them without damaging the studs.

As a result, if your car is occasionally exposed to salt, we suggest getting the stud structure inspected for rust at least two times a year. If this problem has already occurred, contact a high-quality workshop and request that a certificated mechanic ends up replacing the damaged components.

Can you drive a car with only two-wheel nuts?

You should not drive your vehicle if more than a wheel nut is missing. It’s no longer secure. Every wheel nut is created to withstand a certain degree of force before breaking. If you only have two-wheel nuts, those that can split at any time and injure you.

How much does it cost to replace wheel studs?

A broken wheel stud ends up costing somewhere around $100 on average. The parts are under $20, and the remainder is labor. A wheel stud can be replaced by yourself. Replace the wheel stud only if you are convinced of your mechanic abilities. Take the vehicle to a repair shop if you are not a skilled mechanic.

How to replace the wheel studs?

Is the replacement of wheel studs simple? Because of the complicated vehicle technology may be difficult for an amateur to attempt, but if you have the necessary tools, you can give it a shot.

How to replace the wheel studs

Step 1: Loosen the lug bolts with a wrench when the car is still on ground level.

First, remove the broken stud from the hub.

Step 2: Remove the vehicle wheel.

Use a jack to lift the vehicle and jack stands to support it. Then, remove the nuts and pull the tire off.

Step 3: Using a socket wrench, remove the brake calipers.

On the manufacturer’s instructions, different driver tiny pieces, such as hex or star-drive bits and distinct caliper pins, demand additional driver little pieces. Verify the car information and remove the caliper with the proper tools.

Step 4: Complete the wheel stud replacement.

Start by removing the rotors and set them in a safe place to prevent other parts’ exposure to oil or scratches. Then, pry the broken fastener from the rear of the hub using a hammer. Then, using your fingers, lift the stud from the rear of the hub nozzle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Is Driving with broken wheel stud safe?

Is it safe to drive with a missing lug stud?

If your vehicle lacks a lug nut, you must replace it as quickly as possible. Due to the extra pressure on the rim, driving with a missing nut is potentially dangerous. This intense pressure may cause damage to the roller bearings and other lug nuts.

Can you drive with 4 out of 5 studs?

You can start driving thousands of miles on 4/5 lugs without worrying about the wheel’s safety.

How long can you drive with a missing lug nut?

With a missing nut, you may still be able to drive at legal speeds; however, you should find your local mechanic shop as soon as possible. This high pressure can deteriorate over time with some studs. This can hurt the bearings.

Final Verdict:

Driving your car with a broken wheel stud could indeed cause damage to the vehicle and increasingly raise your chances of being involved in an accident. As a result, it is best to perform regular vehicle inspections and address any issues on time. If you prefer to repair the damaged part, please refer to our instructions regarding replacing wheel studs. We hope this article serves as an answer to “Is driving with broken wheel stud safe?” and solves your queries

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