What Happens If You Overfill Power Steering Fluid?

The steering wheel may be turned much more easily thanks to power steering fluid, which uses hydraulics to provide simple navigation. When you deplete the fluid, the wheel becomes challenging to turn and has several negative consequences. What happens if you overfill power steering fluid, though?

Will the power steering fluid expand under heat? Yes, which is why a surplus of power steering fluid is harmful. It is not as bad as when there is not enough power steering fluid left in the reservoir.

If you overfill the power steering fluid, you probably won’t have many problems at first. The reservoir’s extra fluid will relax. Likely, you won’t have any significant issues.

Overfill Power Steering Fluid

What Happens If You Overfill Power Steering Fluid?

When you start your automobile, the fluid will heat up and expand as the engine heats up. As a result of the fluid developing, it will also begin spilling on the engine.

When this happens, the entire engine compartment will start to become messy. The engine bay’s overfilled fluid could have disastrous consequences.

If the fluid gets on your drive or serpentine belt, the belt will start slipping, which has several adverse effects, including stiff steering and battery light on the dashboard.

It also prevents the air conditioner from cooling. Smoke will emanate from the engine compartments like the exhaust manifold, and if not spotted and rectified on time, this could cause more damage.

How Much Should The Fluid Levels Be?

Now that you know what happens if you overfill power steering fluid, you might wonder what the optimal level for the fluid should be.

Power steering is a crucial component of controlling the entire vehicle, so it makes sense that you should be fully aware of the steering’s functions. Power steering is a great technology added to cars, making driving much more accessible.

Nevertheless, some vehicles use an outdated hydraulic system, which uses hydraulic fluid for steering.

Given that each model has different needs based on how big your car is, there is no set quantity that you must be used in the steering system. However, determining the amount of fluid you should use in your car can often be challenging.

Some automobiles have transparent fluid containers, so you can see the quantity of fluid that needs to be added. This level can sometimes be determined using a dipstick method as well.

Check power steering fluid
Check power steering fluid

Get your refilling done by a professional or someone with experience in case you are unsure about which method you should use. Inappropriately filling the steering fluid can cause problems when your car is exposed to heat for long periods.

Effect Of Heat On Power Steering Fluid

Compared to warm fluid, colder fluid has a smaller volume. The fluid will expand as the engine heats up, and the fluid may overflow.

As a result, it’s crucial to fill the reservoir to the appropriate amount without worrying about it growing and spilling.

Therefore, filling the reservoir with fluid above the minimal level is recommended if you want to avoid overfilling it. After that, screw the cap back on and start the car to see how high the fluid climbs. Finally, keep adding liquid till you reach the desired level. 

Some cars have a label indicating how much fluid is in them, whether warm or cold. The label can help confirm how high it should fill the reservoir.

You must let your automobile idle while adding steering fluid to the reservoir, then lock the steering wheel in either direction. The replacement fluid is injected through the steering system in this situation.

So what happens if you overfill power steering fluid? Initially, nothing of significant consequence will happen. However, the expanding effect of the fluid can cause problems when exposed to heat.

What To Do If You Overfill The Fluid?

The good news is that draining the extra fluid if you accidentally overfilled the fluid reservoir is simple and doesn’t require a unique tool. Instead, you may make use of a common household item.

power steering fluid

To empty the reservoir of extra fluid, you can use a syringe or even a turkey baster. Because both of them typically have low capacities, it could take time for you to remove the extra fluid entirely. However, being patient is always better than having a damaged engine bay. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can The Power Steering Fluid Cause Foaming?

Accumulating air in your system is one of the leading causes of foamy power steering fluid. There are instances where you overfill the fluid and end up with frothy fluid. You will typically see bubbles and foams when you replace your fluid inappropriately.

How Long Till The Power Steering Fluid Works?

The time it takes for the fluid to start working is between 4 and 5 minutes. You might need to fill the reservoir again after the car is started.


So what happens if you overfill power steering fluid? While having too much fluid won’t result in heavy steering, it might cause havoc in the engine bay.

Overfilling, however, can result in severe problems like a dead battery, slipping drive belts, engine compartment smoke, and in rare instances, fire outbreaks.

Make sure the fluid is at the proper level to avoid these problems.

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