Problems After Using Cataclean – (Issues & Solutions)

Keeping your car’s catalytic converter clean is quite strenuous, but it can all be solved with an easy one-step solution- Cataclean. However, we know that no helpful product comes without its drawbacks. Similarly, there are problems after using cataclean too! 

Even though getting rid of these problems is easy, it is still a wise decision to be well aware of them beforehand. As a result, knowing before utilizing the product will help you to make your decision better- is using cataclean worth it or not?

Therefore, to assist all our readers in deciding on the convenient usability of Cataclean, we bring you an article about the problems the product can cause and how to remedy them. So, keep reading to learn more.

What Are Problems after using Cataclean?

Cataclean will only be causing problems within your car after its use if you do not use the liquid correctly. For this, we recommend you thoroughly read the instructions for utilization stated on the product’s bottle.

A clogged and damaged catalytic converter is one of the major problems after using cataclean that a user can encounter if not used properly. This particular component, a catalytic converter, is the most important organ for your car as the converter ensures the emission is controlled and regularly maintained. 

An issue with the catalytic converter will be that it will naturally and eventually start to wear down because the component does not function properly to release hazardous emissions. Accumulations of these emissions indicate that the vehicle is in a smooth order for operation. 

What is cataclean?

Cataclean is a decontaminating solution specifically aiming to work on your car’s engine and fuel. It works by ensuring that once refilled in the tank, your car’s catalytic converter is clogged, the existing deposits are eliminated, and the gas mileage has improved. 

The ingredients used in the composition of cataclean make up a unique blend of well-known fuel energizing constituents and hydrocarbons, even though the formula works exceptionally.

Cataclean Bottle
Cataclean Bottle

Other encountered problems after using cataclean

Apart from cataclean causing the wear and tear of your vehicle’s catalytic converter, the product can also have other negative impacts, which are listed in this section. 

Problem with the car’s exhaust 

A common problem after using cataclean is also in your vehicle’s exhaust. Right after refueling the catalytic converter with cataclean upon driving the car, you will notice a white smoke rising from the engine’s exhaust. 

Unlike the usual smoke rising from an exhaust, this one after cataclean will not be oil residue but white fine dry powder. Look out for the smoke, because if landed on the car’s bumper, it can stain it! 

Impact on the efficiency of the engine 

Even though the primary reason for using cataclean is to increase the engine’s efficiency after cleansing the catalytic converter, there can be problems after using cataclean. 

Difficulties in the engine emerge because of the formalization of cataclean has solvents that assist in removing deposits in the converter.

Still, deposits can build up in different areas of the car. The insolvencies can build up in large amounts in the gas lines, filters, and sensors, resulting in more fuel consumption and poor engine functioning. 

The roaring of the vehicle

Another common problem after using cataclean is that your vehicle will start making sounds while running. If your car previously made sounds while on the go, too, now brace yourself to hear a more intensified roar from the wheels. 

Following the whining of the car as a problem after using cataclean, make sure to get your vehicle properly inspected by a mechanic. You likely might have made an error while fuelling the converter with cataclean. 

Remedying problems after using cataclean

If you experience problems after using cataclean, this does not mean the product is faulty or a scam.

There are a variety of similar products belonging to the same category, and amongst them, cataclean has been rated as the most efficient and helpful liquid for cleaning catalytic converters. 

Existing problems in the car

Usually, problems after using cataclean are experienced because, in the first place, your car already had these problems, but using cataclean ensured them to demonstrate themselves. 

Or it could be that you did not fill your catalytic converter with the right amount of cataclean. 

Incorrect use of cataclean

Either you added the product too much or too less, and now it is on you to determine that. 

However, the next time you use the liquid and do not want to have problems after using cataclean, only fill ¼ th of the tank or add 4 gallons.

Drive your car for at least fifteen miles, and then refill the tank until it is complete. Let cataclean rest in the tank for some time and serve its purpose by cleaning the catalytic converter

Subsequently, after a significant yet adequate amount of time has elapsed, feel free to take your car out for a drive. 

Cataclean’s utilization theory

The theory behind using cataclean is to allow the product to do its wonders by allowing it to sit in the catalytic converter and familiarize itself with the intervals of your vehicle. Not by just refilling the tank and expecting the car to run smoothly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What happens when you add too much cataclean? 

Adding too many cataclean causes the fuel injectors to block and result in your vehicle making more use of fuel and proving to be less road worthy. 

How many times can Cataclean be used? 

Cataclean should only be used three or four times a year. 

How quickly will Cataclean work? 

For cataclean to work, it takes an estimated thirty minutes. 


In this article on problems after using cataclean, we have presented our readers with a thorough guide on using the liquid accurately, the issues that occur later, and solutions to solving them. 

All we hope for now is that you make proper use of cataclean and do not end up with any problems after using the solution in your car.

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