Volkswagen EPC Light Car Shaking – (Reasons & Fixes)

The Electronic Power Control (EPC) warning light on your car’s dashboard signifies that the throttle control system may malfunction. This could indicate that the cruise control device, traction control, throttle pedal, or throttle body requires repair.

However, in some cases, the Volkswagen EPC light car shaking issue may also be a sign of additional problems with your Volkswagen car, making it impossible to risk driving through traffic. Because of this, you should never disregard the warning light’s features. Usually, EPC lights need the attention of a car expert.

The brake control, steering control, and engine control units influence the EPC system. For instance, when the engine’s control unit is broken, your car’s performance and fuel economy may suffer greatly.

Along with other Volkswagen warning lights, the warning light will likely turn on. This is because it is interconnected with several different systems on your car and explains why it may be challenging to identify the problem when the light is on.

Volkswagen EPC Light Car Shaking

EPC is one of the warning lights that may display on any Volkswagen vehicle, including the Beetle, golf, Jetta, and others. It implies car body problems, cruise control, and sometimes even traction.

The warning light may also signify more problems with the throttle system, airflow sensor issues, brake light problems, accelerator pedal sensor problems, and Ess (engine speed sensor) faults. All these will impact the car’s performance, so it is strongly advised never to ignore this warning light when it turns on.

Driving With The EPC Warning Light On

Most of the time, driving is safe for a brief period if the EPC warning light is on. But because the issue could be severe, getting your car to the nearest Volkswagen service facility is advised. 

Your car can enter “limp mode” when the light is on. The engine control unit’s capabilities will, after that, be restricted. This is only one of the numerous factors that make it crucial to get a professional to solve the issue rather than simply learning to fix the warning light problem yourself.

How Do I Fix The Warning Light Issue?

If you experience Volkswagen EPC light car shaking, it is worth noting that the warning light might be activated in many circumstances. Following are some methods you can use.

 EPC light
EPC light

First, use the scanner tool to determine why your warning light has turned on quickly. It will show you error codes along with system problems with the car. Using these codes, one can identify the causes for why the EPC warning light has switched on.

Next, physically check the vehicle for damages, as some of these can cause the warning lights to turn on. Press the brake and check to see if the backlight turns on.

Look for carbon and debris in the body of the car’s throttle. This can be fixed by simple cleaning. Make sure the throttle body’s connections are tightly fastened. Repair or change the damaged pieces as the last resort. The warning light should automatically turn off after the underlying problem is corrected.

Why Is The car shaking?

The Volkswagen EPC light car shaking issue can cause the vehicle to shake because of many problems, like a defective spark plug or a damaged engine mount. Here are some causes of vehicle tremors, along with potential fixes.

A Fault In The Ignition Coil

If your ignition coil has a problem, the engine can start to misfire or even shake the car. A subtle shaking motion can be felt when your car is still or moving very slowly.

A Fault In The Brake Pads

Damage to brake pads could be caused by long periods of friction and other things like depletion of lubricant. If the shaking occurs when you apply the brakes, it is most likely a problem with your brake pads.

Tires That Are Not Balanced Properly

Even though it is not directly linked to the Volkswagen EPC light car shaking issue, unbalanced tires can still cause shaking that is particularly obvious when driving fast. The tire will start to deteriorate as time passes. Uneven air pressure and other similar causes are indications that you have unbalanced tires, causing your car to shake.

Damage To Engine Mount

An engine mount acts as a support system for the engine and improves balance inside the car. Destruction of the mount can cause your car to shake vigorously.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Cost Of Fixing An EPC Light Issue?

If the throttle body is broken, you will have to pay an average of $100 to $200 to fix an EPC warning light issue. Getting your services done by an official Volkswagen service center is highly recommended.

Should I Reset The Warning Light By Myself?

Resetting the Volkswagen EPC warning light is not advised before addressing the root cause. While a knowledgeable technician with the appropriate tools could determine which of the vehicle’s numerous throttle systems is responsible for the warning lights, a team of specialists and the correct tools will be required to address the issue.

Should I Be Driving When The Warning Light Is Turned On?

Even though it is possible to keep driving when the EPC warning light is on, the risk is too high. If the underlying cause is severe and needs urgent attention, it can cause accidents and compromise your safety.


It’s not always enough to reset the warning light on the car’s dashboard if the car is trembling or there is a warning light on the dashboard.

We advise you to take the car to an auto expert so they can examine it and address any additional technical problems that might be causing the car to shake or turn on the warning lights.

If you like to do things yourself, the advice above should be plenty to help you figure out what’s causing the Volkswagen EPC light car shaking.

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