Can You Opt for a Towel on Windshield to Prevent Frost?

Waking up in the morning and seeing a stiff, rigid frosting on the windshield can make you suffer as it would take your time scraping off the ice and can cause damage to the shield, but with no coverings, how to prevent the residing ice? Is opting for a towel on windshield to prevent frost a good solution? 

To answer your queries after extensive research, we have brought in a quick solution guide to help you get an easy fix for your current problem and free you from scraping the ice all day long from your car windshield. So who’s ready to know what exactly happens when you use a towel? Find out!

Towel on Windshield to Prevent Frost- Quick Solution

Seeing your vehicle’s windshield getting frosted, the first thing that comes to mind is a readily available covering, and a towel seems the foremost as a quick and easy fix.

Using a dry towel helps you keep the windshield protected from a harsh cold environment of almost -10 degrees, and below that, a towel seems of no better use.

So keep the fact in mind before opting for a towel as an anti-frosting cover for the windshield. To find out how the towel protects the windshield and the method for using it, let’s find it out!

What Is Windshield? Briefly Explained 

A windshield refers to a protective glass covering on a vehicle or any means of transport at the front to keep the occupants safe from accidental hazards.

What Is Windshield
What Is Windshield

It is also known as a windscreen, and besides protection, it provides clear visibility to the driver for a frontal view of other elements. With the help of a windshield, the front seat individual can easily view the road, and adequately driving becomes easy for the driver. 

The windshield is a tough laminated glass-made covering and is different from ordinary glass by composing dual glass layers with a sandwich plastic layer for double support and protection.

After heating the layers, the windshield gets ready for transportable to fix on the front side. Various types of windshields, differing in width and color, provide absolute protection from harmful factors that may interfere with the journey. 

How Can Frost Affect The Windshield? 

In winters lacking a garage may let your windscreen under the stress of snow; the glass is strong enough to handle it but can make you in a state to take enough time to scrap the frost out, which is unfavorable. If the windshield has a minor crack or chip, the problem seems not over yet!

As the frosting occurs, the windshield gets contracted, and contraction causes the cracks and chips to be more affected and intense. With each passing day, the process carries on till the glass has significant damage and is near to breaking. 

Frosting can cause abrupt cracking when the frosted windshield gets hit by a hot flash, which can be when you are trying to warm up the vehicle; as a result, a sudden crack and break will result in glass damage. So, keeping the downsides in mind, it gets necessary to avoid the windshield getting frosted and for that, let’s see what we can do to prevent the negative consequences. 

Is Towel A Much Better and Quick Fix For Windshield To Prevent Frost? Why? 

When the temperature reaches frosting, it’s necessary to keep your vehicles protected in the garage, or if you don’t own a garage, a windshield anti-frost covering can help you.

However, if both limitations exist, the easiest way to keep the shield safe is by opting for a dry Towel On Windshield To Prevent Frost and let the frost reside on the towel instead of the shield.

So, yes, for a quick fix, a towel is a better solution to easily keep the ice away from getting in contact with the windshield. 

How to Use the Towel on Windshield

To know how to use a towel, follow the procedure:

Towel on Windshield
Towel on Windshield
  • Carefully ascend the windshield wiper to 
  • After that, clear up any frost residing on the windshield.
  • Once done, clean the shield using a dry cloth.
  • After that, spread the dry towel over the windscreen and adequately cover each side.
  • After placing the towel, let the wipers back to their place to secure the towel.

Reasons for Using Towel

The towel can be a better barrier between freezing weather and the windshield because it effortlessly scraps off the frosting at once; all you need to do is take off the towel, Shed off all the frosting, and reuse it the next time you require it.

The towel is easy to clean, cheap, and can work in temperatures less than -10 degrees. To reuse the towel, clean it and properly dry it. The towel can absorb all the moisture without letting the windshield get frosted and handle all the stress and frost. 


An economical and easy anti-frosting fix but does come with certain limitations. Using the towel below -10 degrees and sudden weather changes like rain and hailing is not advisable as it keeps the windshield safe from freezing. In such conditions, you better switch the towel to some hard covering for better protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other methods prevent the Windshield from Getting frosted?

You can also try using, Windshield covering (Tarpaulin), rubber mats, plastic covers, and Cardboard to keep the Windshield from frost.

How much does a windshield cost for a car? 

A standard windshield is a bit costly and may range from 250$ to 450$ in case it gets damaged or requires replacing.

For how much time towel can protect the Windshield be? 

You can place the towel on the Windshield overnight and replace it the following day by cleaning it and drying it to make it reusable for the next night.


Now you are well familiarized with using a dry towel on windshield to prevent frost and heavy overnight snow from damaging the windscreen.

A towel is a quick solution when the temperature ranges from -10 degrees, not below. Besides the towel, other methods exist that are perfect for lower temperatures and better handling frost.

So don’t let your precious car in the hand of harsh weather without making it waterproof and snowproof, especially the windshield. So hope you found the helpful guide, and for more easy tips and solutions, follow us!

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