How To Tow Rear Wheel Drive Car – (Experts Guide)

Cars with rear-wheel drive have never failed to disappoint their users. All drivers of a rear-wheel vehicle must be aware of the seamless movement and how easily they can switch lanes, with their specialty: sideways cutting. However, how to tow rear wheel drive car?

Although when you consider a rear wheel drive car for practical use, various issues, including towing, accompany it. But, the good news is that still to tow a rear-wheel drive car is better and more convenient than a front-wheel drive vehicle. 

Similarly, any problem you may encounter while towing, primarily related to your vehicle’s automatic transmission, can also be overcome effortlessly. 

How to tow rear wheel drive car?

The most uncomplicated and least demanding method for how to tow rear wheel drive cars is the Driveshaft withdrawal method. Here you will need the help of an expert or a professional.

Rest assured, it is with a guarantee that we say that going with this option will still save you extra bucks. Hiring a mechanic is cheaper than renting a trailer to tow your rear-wheel drive car.  

Rear Wheel Drive Car

First, ensure that the car’s drive wheels are not in contact with the surface, as the process will be unnecessarily complicated. After this, you would have to withdraw the driveshaft, connecting the rear wheels to the engine.

Here the role of a mechanic will come in. Since an ordinary person cannot withdraw the driveshaft, the mechanic will remove it for you. Lastly, using an accurate weight tow bar, fasten your rear-wheel drive vehicle from the hooks on the car and tow it anywhere you want to! 

Another method to tow rear-wheel drive car

Let’s say if you are unsatisfied and unwilling to withdraw the driveshaft to undertake how to tow the rear wheel drive car, then it is entirely justifiable.

We understand how removing the driveshaft and attaching it to a weight tow bar can impact the car’s transmission, worsening its lubricating capacity. Therefore, to counter your concerns, we have proposed to you a substitute method. 

Dinghy method 

Before you proceed with the dinghy method, it must be kept in mind that, unlike the driveshaft withdrawal method, this one is not inexpensive. It would help if you prepared to invest a few hundred dollars in this method to be sure that your rear-wheel car is towed efficiently. 

The dinghy method will smoothly lift your whole car off the ground without needing any vehicle component to be removed. The driveshaft of the rear-wheel vehicle will also not have to be withdrawn because now no wheels are staying in contact with the initial surface. 

Best utilization of the dinghy method is when the rear-wheel drive car you wish to tow has an automatic and complex transmission. 

How to tow rear wheel car according to its transmission 

As differences between the transmissions result in a varied drive of a rear-wheel vehicle, it subsequently impacts how they require a tow. Hence, to assist you in how to tow rear wheel drive car, we bring you a step-to-step guide on towing manual and automatic transmission rear-wheel cars. 

Automatic transmission 

Step 1 

The first step to be followed for how to tow rear wheel drive car is to raise and support the rear of the vehicle. You will need a floor jack and a jack stand for this.  

A jack stand will be needed to cater to the car’s weight, so it will go underneath the vehicle and near the rear axle. 

Step 2 

Now it’s time to withdraw the driveshaft of your car. You can do this independently, but we advise you to consult a mechanic and ask them to do it for you. This is because it is a complicated procedure and requires an elevated level of cautiousness. 

However, to undertake the task on your start by unscrewing the bolts on the side of the driveshaft, sliding the transmission forward, and lowering it to pull it out instantly. 

Step 3 

Lastly, consult the car’s manual to be on the safe side for the final step and see if you are missing any instructions and preventive measures. 

Manual transmission 

Step 1 

Start by attaching the provided tow strap to the forefront of your car’s frame for how to tow rear wheel drive car. Before doing this, try looking for the two eyelets on the front of the vehicle. These eyelets do not come in every car, but if you are lucky, you might find the pair. 

Supposedly, you can locate the eyelets and then secure the tow strap to them; otherwise, proceed with fastening it to the frame. Ensure you do not accidentally tie the tow strap to the engine or radiator.

Step 2 

Once you have applied one end of tow strap on your vehicle, join the other end onto the trailer’s hitch. 

Watch out, and do not link tow strap on the bumper or the trailer exhaust as these are weaker areas and cannot support towing a car. 

Step 3 

After tow strap is in place on your rear-wheel vehicle and onto the trailer, put your car into neutral mode. It will then permit the vehicle to be conveniently towed without extra effort. 

Step 4

While towing, your vehicle should be tightly kept on the slack of tow strap so that it can slow down when needed and turn corners with no trouble. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Can tow damage the transmission of my car? 

Yes, towing a car negatively impacts its transmission. 

Can you tow a car in manual gear? 

No, you cannot tow a car in manual gear as it will ignite the engine, so only tow your vehicle in neutral gear. 


To conclude, we hope that thoroughly reading our article on how to tow rear wheel drive cars has enlightened you on various methods you can utilize to tow.  Next time, when you are in such a circumstance, try and put to work any of our recommended methods instead of fretting.

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