How To Start My Car Without Chip Key? – (Useful Methods)

Thanks to drastic changes in technology, it has ensured that now a car cannot be stolen. As a result of innovations, the most beneficial product that has come about is a chip or a transponder key which the car industry has instantly employed. But how to start my car without chip key?

According to the standard guidelines for using a chip key, there is no other way to start a car without the key. However, this article will transform this inevitable impossibility into a possibility by suggesting various methods.

Although these methods are not straightforward and tricky, they will effectively remedy your problem of starting the car without a chip key

How to start my car without chip key?

An ideal method is to create your transponder key if you have an additional chip available. You have to start by unscrewing the plastic cover surrounding the chip key. 

Upon unscrewing, you will discover a tiny transparent tube or a black square that right there is the chip. Take it out, reattach it onto a piece of tape, and then stick it near the lock responsible for ignition.   

Subsequently, try to start the car with another key without the chip. If the vehicle fails to start, then reposition the chip near the engine until you find a suitable spot for it to ignite the engine.

Once successful, remember to secure the chip in the right place using superglue or any other substance that will ensure it stays on the site for how to start my car without chip key

Chip Key

Understanding the chip key

When you invest thousands of dollars into buying a car, you must ensure to secure your vehicle too. However, for this, you might have to spend another few dollars, but the best way to go about the situation is to utilize a chip key

A transponder or a chip key is a small device offered by only a few brands. The chip key offers a radio transmission facility to be navigated between the car and the key. For this purpose, the car keys are programmed beforehand only to work for a specific vehicle. 

Additionally, by using a chip key, the only person who will be able and allowed to drive, lock, and unlock the car will be the one in possession of the key. 

Therefore, countering and significantly reducing the risk of the car being stolen because no other person other than you can have access to your vehicle without the chip key. 

Car Chip Key
Car Chip Key

Alternatives to utilizing a chip key

This section of our article will list and briefly explain all the alternative methods you can use for how to start my car without chip key in case of losing your chip key or forgetting it at home. 

The hotwire method

In this method, the hotwires will work as a chip key to activate the circulation within the switch pack, eventually resulting in the accurate wires forming a connection. 

As hotwiring your way into starting the car involves frequent use of your hand, you might want to undertake a few precautionary measures. Suggest you wear thick leather gloves to avoid burning the tips of your fingers or the palm of your hand. 

Start by discerning among the different cables on the battery. There will be cables of different colors: red ones typically signifies wires for batteries, whereas yellow and brown ones are responsible for the engine’s ignition. 

You would have to cautiously cut a small part out on the battery cables and then cut the wires originating from the cylinder. Lastly, twist all ends of the battery cables and bind them together. 

It would help if you efficiently used these cables for how to start my car without chip key.  

Smartphone Applications

Today, every car dealership manufactures and sells cars has a smartphone application. Through these apps, you can track the maintenance and location of your vehicle, start the engine, and lock and unlock the doors. Thus, making it easier ‘’how to start my car without chip key’’. 

However, depending on the car manufacturer and in a circumstance where you are inaccessible, start your car without a chip key. Immediately, download their associated smartphone application. Once the app is downloaded, and all the necessary information is provided, you can quickly start your car without needing a chip key.  

Car manufacturers and their smartphone apps

  • BMW: connected drive
  • Audi: multi-media interference 
  • Hyundai: blue link 
  • Lexus: Lexus Enform
  • Nissan: Nissan Connect
  • Ford: sync connect
  • Infinity: in touch 
Car Key

Hiring a locksmith 

Hiring a locksmith is the most straightforward and convenient method to start your car without a chip key. As a locksmith excels in the field, they will have your car unlocked for you within no time. 

Also, through a locksmith, you can get a duplicated key made for your car so that you do not have to ever go again through the hassle.

Screwdriver or drill and screwdriver and hammer method

Before you go on with using this method, you must remember that even though you will be able to start your car, the damage that it will endure on the keyhole is irreparable. 

This component remains consistent: the screwdriver, and you can choose to use a hammer or a drill. 

Drill a wide hole in the keyhole, preferably not more than three inches starting from the internal flap. Dispose of the drill/ hammer and the fallen bits of the lock. Then insert the screwdriver into the keyhole and rotate it until you hear the engine roar. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use anything other than a screwdriver with a hammer? 

Yes, you can use anything other than a screwdriver, but it should be composed of metal, but the changes can be irreparable.

Will my car start without a transponder? 

The car will not start without a transponder because it lacks the chip. 


We hope this article on how to start my car without chip key has enlightened you on how you can still get your engine running without a key. In the end, we would like to say that choose the method that will be the most fruitful for starting your car according to the type and model of your vehicle.

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