Ford 4.2l V6 Engine Problems – How Do You Spot Them?

The engine in a car serves the same purpose that a human heart serves in the body. An engine is critical for a car’s smooth operation, and if problems are within it, you must brace yourself for the numerous car breakdowns that the vehicle will present you with. Similarly, ford 4.2l V6 engine problems have been a recurring issue among the users. 

Ford 4.2l v6 engine, commonly known as the Canadian Essex, made its debut in 1996. It was not as hugely successful as anticipated. The primary reason behind ford introducing this particular vehicle model was to counter the problems previously found in their 3.8L engine class.

However, despite Ford’s arduous efforts, their revised engine form failed to compensate for all the problems in their previous releases. Eventually, due to the widespread negative feedback by the customers, the manufacturers ceased its production in 2008 and eliminated it from their engine series. 

Typical Ford 4.2L V6 Engine problems 

When compared to other engines produced by ford, their 4.2l V6 engine is quite an excellent value for money. But this still does not signify that no problems will occur with it.

Even though engine light problems and the ones with the gaskets might be ordinary and insignificant, with time, they can intensify and cause your vehicle to cease functioning instantly. 

Namely, there are six fundamental problems often found in the 4.2L V6 engine, and in the following article, we will discuss and inspect each of them in detail. 

The trouble with the engine light 

Engine light is a safety precaution for your vehicle and will usually be found in the speedometer’s area. When your engine light ignites, there is a problem with your car’s engine. 

Engine Light
Engine Light

Unfortunately, you will encounter this in the ford 4.2l v6 engine problems. The vital role of the engine light is to ensure the efficient running of the machine, and according to the situation in the engine, the light will illuminate. Ford 4.2l v6’s engine light can either stay on, off or blink. 

When the light illuminates any way, it indicates a faulty spark in the plug, a loose gas cap, or the engine sensor has been damaged. To stay safe and avoid a road accident, we advise you to stop driving your car immediately and get your vehicle checked for ford 4.2l V6 engine problems. 

Park the vehicle on the roadside and check for all the possible reasons we have stated for the ignition of the engine light. 

The problem is the oil pan gasket. 

For the engine to run seamlessly, it is lubricated with engine oil, and the oil pan gasket is responsible for holding and preventing the liquid from leaking out of the seal. As the engine runs continuously, the oil pan gasket is prone to experience wear and tear in it. 

oil pan gasket

Consequently, after the ford 4.2l V6 engine has been driven for over 50,000 miles, the gasket will fail to keep the oil in its place, resulting in leakage. 

You must look out for the engine oil leak by observing if there is oil underneath the vehicle every time you move it, the engine quickly gets overheated, engine oil requires to be refilled frequently, smoke comes out from the engine, and the engine light starts showing. 

Problem with timing cover gasket 

The function of a timing cover gasket is to protect different parts of the engine and keep the machine sealed to ensure no dirt settles in the engine during combustion. 

timing cover gasket 

If your vehicle suddenly stops driving your ford 4.2l V6 engine, there is a significant problem with the timing cover gasket. The most common symptom that will help you determine the problem is that your car’s engine will start to make loud, roaring noises while driving.

Therefore, you may get the timing cover gasket replaced before another instant stop leads to a severe injury by the ford 4.2l V6 engine problems. 

The problem with the oil pump

The oil pump in the ford 4.2l V6 engine problems is responsible for regulating the engine oil. The oil pump can run steadily for years, but since this particular engine series is full of surprises, you should not keep your hopes up high.

A common indication of a faulty oil pump will be that the petrol indicator will randomly brighten even when the tank is full. Some drivers may ignore it, but you should not! 

Problem with intake manifold gasket 

intake manifold gasket 
intake manifold gasket 

Issues with the intake manifold gasket were the first ones to manifest themselves in the ford 4.2l V6 engine. To efficiently detect an issue in this particular component, beware of the following signs: 

  • The rising temperature of the engine
  • Coolant leaks 
  • Changing the color of the petrol in the engine 

Problem with the exhaust manifold 

exhaust manifold
exhaust manifold

The easiest way to locate the problem with the exhaust manifold of your ford 4.2l v6 engine is to keep an attentive ear out for hearing a repetitive ticking noise. This noise will be coming because the stud is damaged over time due to consistent exposure to moisture and heat and will eventually break. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How many liters of oil can the ford 4.2l V6 engine hold? 

Ford 4.2l V6 engine can hold six quarts of oil. 

How long can a ford engine 4.2l V6 last before the engine completely breakdown? 

Ford 4.2l v6 can last for a minimum of 150,000 minimum miles and 300,000 maximum miles before completely breaking down. 

What is the most common indication of a problem? 

The most typical indication of a problem is frequent oil leakages and noises out of the engine. 


In the end, we hope that this article on ford 4.2l v6 engine problems is informative for all our readers and successfully informed them about the common issues they must expect to experience. Whenever you encounter any stated issue, the advisable thing to do in the situation is to contact a mechanic and have them look at your ford’s engine 4.2l v6.

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