Chevy HHR Key Fob Program – 7 Easy Steps to Know

Chevy’s innovative and unique features make it stand out in the versatile marketplace, among which the addition of a key fob seems a familiar and easy-to-use feature. But the central part is the Chevy HHR key fob program which is only possible if you own a model with crucial fob functionality. If you lost your previous key fob and want to add a new one, is it possible to program it?

My answer is yes because the Chevy HHR can add a new key fob by programming and integrating the vehicle system. After this, you can easily opt to use the gadget anywhere without manual effort. So want to know more about key fob and its programming, get on board to see how it works. 

Chevy HHR Key Fob Program 

To program a Chevy HHR Key Fob, you require either screen or remote key but to be more specific, the remote critical method seems much more accessible and compatible with a screen-less model version.

All you need is to intact the remote key in the ignition port, turn it on and off a few times, and then hold both functioning buttons of the key fob to integrate the system in connection to the vehicle.

With beep and engagement, you can easily ensure its use for automatically locking and unlocking the door to keep the car on high security. Want to get a detailed procedure? Then stay till the end!

Chevy HHR key fob – Briefly Explained 

Chevy HHR is a high-tech retro-designed passenger car initially introduced in 2005 by an American-based automaker. It got more success after launching and is still pretty favored by all the users. 

With innovation, the vehicle features a key fob functionality that allows automatic door locking and unlocking for a distance without the need for manual support, which has made it relatively easier to operate the doors imparting a stylish look and easy-to-use feature.

When you get the key fob, it might not work, and that’s because you need to program with your vehicle before making it work, and that is how we would focus today to find out.

How to Program A Chevy HHR Key Fob- 7 Easy Steps

If you lost your key fob or want to add a new key fob functionality to your Chevy HHR, then it requires programming and reprogramming, as in the case required by opting for an easy to opt 7 step procedure to help with Chevy HHR Key Fob Program with ease and perfection. 

Key Fob

Procedure to Program A Chevy HHR Key Fob

The method discussed below relies on screen-free programming by simply opting for the vehicle’s key fob with easy-to-do programming with the remote key. If you came across screen programming, don’t panic; you can use both based on the vehicle model. 

Purchase the Key Fob 

First, try to purchase a high-quality key fob based on your vehicle model compatibility. The one that gets discussed now owns Chevy HHR compatibility to 2005 to 2018 models. After successfully purchasing the one you require, the next step is programming with your vehicle. 

Close the doors 

Grab the driver’s seat and ensures all the doors are manually closed without locking them up. Keep them unlocked. Make yourself comfy before, and let’s get to the prime part.

Intact the Key in Place 

Take the key and press it in the ignition site but do not start the car. For instance, all you require is to turn on the lights and ensure you have done it correctly, preventing your vehicle from getting a start.

Turn the Key On And Off 

Turn the key on and off almost five times and hold the unlock button near the driver’s seat on the door. 

Hold On Dual Button on Key Fob 

Hold the key fob and press the on and off buttons for almost 10 seconds until you hear a beep ensuring that your programming is going correctly. Beep Indicates engagement and disengagement of the door locks, which leads to successful programming. 

Programming Successful 

At the end of the last second, the doors will automatically lock, which means the programming gets achieved successfully on time. Without manual control, the key fob will automatically open and close the vehicle door without any issue. 


Sometimes the programming gets erased from the key fob, or if the key isn’t working for your vehicle, you must reprogram it using the previously discussed steps. You can easily reprogram using the same remote start for your Chevy HHR without any inconvenience.

Why isn’t the Chevy HHR key fob working even after being programmed? 

After successful programming is still, the key fob stops working after some tie; there can be possible reasons you need to check out. The most common ones include:

Programming Faults 

Sometimes the programming isn’t going right, and in case of specific faults, it returns to the initial stage with erased data; in such instances, you need to reprogram it following the same prime steps. 

Low/ Dead Battery 

If you have brought a new key fob, ensure the presence of the battery or the condition; sometimes, you may find the batteries just a couple of times alive. Ensure a high-power functional battery to make the critical fob work actively. 

Frequently Asked Questions

From where can I purchase a new key fob for my Chevy HHR?

You can buy it from any online marketplace, usually, Amazon, to get the best model-compatible Chevy HHR key fob.

Why my key fob isn’t working after programming?

There might be two common reasons: the programming fails, or the batteries die. Check for the reason and try again to reprogram.

Which batteries run a Chevy HHR key fob?

Chevy HHR key fob comes with 3 Volts CR2032 battery that operates the device and helps get programmed with your vehicle system.


It’s pretty clear that with a handy and easy fix, you can opt for the Chevy HHR key fob program without any professional help and make your vehicle secure from theft issues.

A key fob might initially not work, and that is because the programming intact the system with the car, after which the key fob knows when and how to engage and disengage the door system.

Thanks for your support and for making it to the end of the informative guide for more informative articles; follow us! Get easy step-wise solutions and timely updates about new advanced automotive features and their working.

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