How to Boost 87 Octane to 91- Perfect Solution

Low on Octane 91 gas fuel and no nearby gas station to refill can make you worry about fueling modern, high-standard cars. Premium fuel is the only solution for its better run, but what’s next if fuel is short? How can the issue of low gas fuel be solved with the standard fuel octane 87 available at the station? Can you boost 87 Octane to 91?

In such a case, an octane booster can be a quick solution to boost up the available octane fuel into your desired rating, i.e., with an octane booster, you can quickly boost up gas fuel while keeping a few prerequisites and calculations in consideration. 

Boost 87 Octane to 91- Top Answer

For boosting 87 Octane to 91, a short easy fix is to use an Octane booster from a well-known famous high rated brand to ensure its quality and working capability.

An octane booster will help you achieve the required octane rating you need for your car without worrying about refueling an excess octane that may cause irregularities and issues in your vehicle.

Each vehicle requires its fuel type, indicated in the owner’s manual and easily accessed. Want to know which booster to purchase and how to use the octane booster? Follow till the end!

Octane 87 vs. Octane 91- Boost up! 

Fuel gas contains many components, including Octane, one of the prime, colorless hydrocarbons of the Alkane series that handles the overall fuel stability and compression withstanding capability. Octane is available based on various ratings that classify gas fuel into regular use Octane 87, mid-grade 89, and a premium or ultra-grade 91. 

The octane 87 is the standard fuel available at each fuel station to power your car, but most high-standard cars require low pre-ignition and better compressibility. Hence, their need for a premium becomes a priority.

The significant difference is the number of octane molecules that enhance the stability as it ascends. These predefined numbers ensure each fuel’s strength for the compatible engine and vehicle type. 

Why You Need To Convert Octane 87 to Octane 91

You might be familiar that each fuel station may provide you with the available gas fuel with the required octane rating, but what if you require a premium 91 octane, but at the instance, the only gas fuel available is the octane 87? Here comes the main conversion reason: you need to boost the Octane 87 to 91 to fulfill the engine fuel requirement. High-standard vehicles other than desired fuel are less efficient, have low performance, and affect engine efficiency. 

How to Boost 87 Octane To 91?

mixed the octane booster
mix octane booster

Now that you know what Octane is and its rating with reason to convert, have you thought about using a booster? An octane booster is considered a top option for actively converting any octane ratings by figure 03 0r 04, depending upon the booster type and brand. Let’s get to the central part to get a detailed view of an octane booster and how it boosts octane rating. 

Octane Booster 

An octane booster is a well-tested liquid formula used for low octane fuel levels in vehicles to raise the octane rating to a predetermined figure based on its previous rating and booster type. Ensures the fuel ignites appropriately, enhancing the overall efficiency of the engine. 


Check Out Owner Manual 

Read out carefully what the manual suggests for your vehicle. If it means using premium gas fuel, then a low octane fuel isn’t helpful and won’t work to make the vehicle run efficiently with enhanced acceleration. Compare the required octane rating to the vehicle type!

Check Out Octane Booster Label 

Ach octane booster embosses a rating on the label indicating the rating to which it will convert the Octane; for instance, if it says 91, it can boost the Octane 87 up to 91. remember, the rating figure can vary based on the booster; some might be three figured 90-93 while some higher than that, like for the case 87-91. Select wisely!

Octane Booster Calculation 

Let’s say you have purchased an octane booster indicating a figure 104, which means the octane rating will result after boosting, and the gas tank is 50 gallons with octane 87 and requirement 91, so how many boosters will you require to add? 

Let’s calculate it 

For 104, divide the booster content into four parts, take ¼ and add it to the tank. It will ensure 91, but how? Let’s get into detail. 

As we have divided the booster into four parts, each part will boost Octane to 4 figures high. So the first half booster 87 to 91.25, the second would enable it to 95.50, the third to 99.75, and the last to 104. So a full bottle increased Octane to 104, and as we added ¼ so we got 91 in that case. 

2nd calculation

Take bottle rating 104, and subtract from the fuel rating you want to boost 87, 104-87=17. Now divide by 4, you get 4.25. Each 1/4 boost fuel by 4.25 number. 

So, you can boost the fuel in versatile boosting ranges to enhance the overall efficiency and vehicle running. 

Adding Booster 

Now that you have selected a booster for the required vehicle type, quantity of octane booster, and fuel tank, let’s boost it! 

Adding Booster
Adding Booster
  • Open the fuel tank and add the required amount to the tank before refilling it with the fuel. 
  • Once you add the booster, add the gas fuel to cause active mixing. 
  • Once mixed, job done adding the booster. Great work!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I use 91 Octane instead of 87?

If your vehicle requires octane 87 and by any means, you accidentally added 91, then nothing serious happens; you have just added a boosted fuel gas that won’t be useful because your need is a lower fuel gas. 

Can I use regular fuel gas for premium cars? 

First, check the manual to determine which fuel gas your vehicle requires. Usually, high-standard cars require premium fuel, and regular fuel won’t meet the car’s standard. 

Which octane fuel booster works best?

The Lucas octane booster is among the top brands providing the best octane booster for all kinds of vehicles to get the desired octane rating. 


An octane booster can be a perfect solution to boost 87 Octane to 91, but carefully select the booster as the higher octane levels than required is of no such definite use for the vehicle. Choosing the right one can be a magical tonic for your luxurious car. Please don’t add a booster in any other container and store it in an ideal site with overall usage for one year. We hope you found the guide informative, so do support us!

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